Secrets in your stomach- Cow’s Milk

I never understood people that don’t like milk. How could you not enjoy a glass of creamy deliciousness? How could you live a life without proper cups of tea and cereal? My perspective on this calcium containing supposedly healthy beverage changed, however, when I learned about the aspects of milk the label doesn’t tell you.
So what really goes on behind the scenes? Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re not just drinking a perfectly white, healthy drink like the label implies, but a fluid containing blood, pus, and even feces. And that’s not the worst part.

Cows are much like humans in the sense that they have similar basic needs (food and water), have a range of emotions and their own personalities, play games with each other and nurture their young, which is the reason they produce milk in the first place.

However, cows that are born and raised into the dairy industry live in too confined spaces to do any of those things, therefore they are unable to look after their young, and are bred purely for their bodily fluids. These cows are being treated like factory machines and expected to produce such an extreme and unnatural amount of milk per day, that they are continuously being pumped with hormones and antibiotics, making them produce about 20,000 pounds of milk a year, when they’re only supposed to produce 16 pounds a day for their calves.
As a result of this the cattle pick up nasty diseases and their sore udders dispose blood and pus which ends up straight into the cartons on the supermarket shelf, then straight into the stomach of the consumer. In fact, humans who drink cow’s milk increase their chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and so on.

The mothers are inseminated repeatedly, spending their days in a concrete, overcrowded prison. And when their new born calves are born they are stripped away from them when they are just one day old, leaving the mother heartbroken whilst the babies get chained up for a matter of weeks to be raised for veal, suffering from diarrhea, pneumonia and desperate for their mothers.

Milk is a very hard substance to cut out of your diet, especially as it is used in so many other products like cheese and chocolate. As a substitute, I personally recommend sweetened hazelnut milk, but almond milk and Soy are also tasteful. These products work just as well, if not better, in cakes, coffee, milkshakes and pretty much anything!

After discovering these facts I accepted that this is not a product I can give up completely. But learning this information alone has put me off of milk in general and I have started gradually wiping out products containing milk in my diet.




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