Earthlings is the most powerful documentary regarding the treatment of animals I have ever watched. Directed by Shaun Monson, this multi-award winning film by Nation Earth exposes the truth about the treatment of animals all over the world.

Monson said: “I hope people can “make the connection” between all expressions of life – human, animal, tree, because we all share the same planet, and one life form is connected to another.

“One thing Earthlings shows is animals clearly experience fear and pain, as do humans. When we use them, we are causing them tremendous fear and pain, right up until their death. So we ask people to make that connection between animal products they use, how they are obtained, and so on.”
Skip to 17 minutes and 45 seconds to watch the section focusing on food, revealing what really happens in the slaughter house and how the food you are consuming has ended up on your plate. Not only is it not fair but it is not good for your body to consume this meat, after the trauma the animal has experienced, hormones they have been pumped with and disease they have suffered.

These images are extremely disturbing and unforgivable, however it is not right for us as the consumer to be blinded from the truth and this documentary is definitely worth a watch. Every living being deserves a place on this planet just as much as we do.

“The images you are about to see are not isolated cases. These are the industry standard for animals bred as pets, food, clothing, for entertainment and research. Viewer discretion is advised.”



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