Food Art!

Blogger Amber Locke, who turned vegan 18 months ago, has her own unique style of creating art using real fruit and vegetables.

She says she feels ‘fantastic’ after turning began and ‘loves the beauty of natural foods and how each ingredient had its own back story’.
Combining complementary shades of greens and reds and bright, vibrant hues from similar shades, chopping up fruits and tearing up lettuce leaves, Amber creates these amazingly detailed 3D pieces of art, layering the objects on top of each other and presenting them symmetrically and randomly, giving each piece a personal edge.
She said: “To me, fruit and veg are not only really good for you nutritionally they also have a wonderful aesthetic appeal too.

“It’s a joy to use beautiful ingredients and my work aims to showcase their unique qualities, reflect the changing seasons of the year and also be a celebration of healthy living.”
Her inspiration to start creating these beautiful images emerged after she dropped some vegetables onto her front doorstep. Autumn leaves blew into them and she thought it looked so appealing she herself began deconstructing pieces of food and arranging them to produce eye catching designs and I don’t think healthy food has ever looked so delicious!

Check out this video for Amber’s raw vegan Spaghetti Bolognese recipe!

Check out Amber’s blog for yourself:



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