Healthy cocktails?!

Being a student and being enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle at the same time can prove difficult, especially when it comes to drinking. I love going out and having a good time but always feel guilty about consuming one drink (or five) too many when I wake up the next day. But this brand new concoction is about to wipe me of this guilt. It is the creation we have all been waiting for; healthy cocktails.

Claire SmithBelvedere Vodka‘s UK brand ambassador, has replaced coconut cream with coconut water and added kale juice with basil leaves to create delicious low-fructose and low alcohol cocktails, priced on average at only £8.50, the standard price for a cocktail in a London bar.

She has even given them twists on their names, from Pina Colada to Pina- Kale- Ada.
Smith said: “We recognise that enjoying a well-made cocktail is part of the social fabric of life, and we wanted to celebrate this by demonstrating fantastic cocktails made with a variety of alcohol levels as well as different, 100% natural flavours and sweeteners.

“Great drinks don’t just have to just be about how much alcohol they contain, but should be judged by how delicious they are. Today we are aware of the harmful effects of overindulgence not just from alcohol but from sugar and artificial flavours and Belvedere want to show that there are ways to drink ‘better’, when armed with just a little bit of knowledge.”
BoBo’s Juicery will be teaming up with Marcus Wareing’s Tredwell’s restaurant to create these new and healthy concoctions, made from a base of Bobo’s fresh juice and containing Strength-Giving Gimlet (gin, ginger, pineapple, wheatgrass) and the Hail Mary (vodka, beetroot, carrot, coriander, fennel, lime, parsley, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco, and celery stick).

I love you Claire.
And I love you Vodka.

To read more and view some recies for coktails you can make at home, click here:


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